Mike Van Horn

I advise small business owners how to grow to the size they want, put more money in their pocket, and not have to work so dang hard. Most of my clients have a handful of employees or more, but a good number are sole professionals. Independent knowledge professionals. “Inknops.”

I am an inknop, even though my company, The Business Group, has 2 1/2 employees. My wife B.J. and I are both consultants, and we have part-time admin help. So I’m living all the stuff we write about here.

I also belong to an informal group of consultants called “SMAG”  for “Social Media Acceleration Group.” We help each other master blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, to keep us from being overwhelmed.

I want to hear from you. I will respond to all non-spam comments.

Like many of you, I’m surrounded by a web of professionals who help me design, produce and promote ebooks, do social media campaigns, keep the website and blog running smoothly.

Rule 1 of the Handbook for Successful Inknops is “Don’t be the Lone Ranger.” Surround yourself with kindred spirits and collaborators and support people.

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